Tuesday, 3 December 2019


During cybersmart Rm 8 and I have been learning about Summer Learning Journey and we did an activity about Lorde.


  1. Kia ora Veronica,

    It’s lovely to meet you (even if it’s over the computer), although I did come through your school last week and did the kahoot. This is my second year with the Summer Learning Journey! I’m really looking forward to summer, aren't you? In my spare time I like spending time at the beach and hanging out with my friends. What are you looking forward to in summer?

    I really loved how you have done your font in different colours! Did you do this through blogger of google docs? I would love it if you could share some tips with me on blogging. Wow, I did not know Lorde’s favourite food is sashimi tuna. What is your favourite food?

    You have really given this a great go! I can not fault anything. Have you tried using google slides to produce a blog? It can be really fun to use! You should give it a go.

    Nga mihi,

    1. Hi Georgia,
      Thank you Georgia for commenting on my blog about Lorde, I'm trying to improve all the summer learning journey activity to win the prize I always wanted to have for Christmas and as I say before thank you.

  2. Kia ora Veronica!

    Just a friendly reminder that the Summer Learning Journey programme has already started, therefore you can now stop with your teaser week blogs and go straight into week 1. You will be able to get points for week 1 onwards, so you can be in to win some awesome prizes!

    Here is the link to get you started:

    Really looking forward to reading your blog posts!

    Ngā mihi,