Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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Malolo lei everyone, my name is Veronica I am 12 yrs old and I attend St.Patrick's school as a yr 8 student. I love to learn, watch anime, read comics, play sports and I also love to listen to music. My favourite subjects are maths, writing, reading and I love to learn Cyber-smart to keep me and everyone safe.

My favourite things to play are rugby / touch / rippa, volley, soccer, cricket, netball basketball and tennis. These sports are my most favourite thing to play because they help me be a better player in everything and also it keeps me strong.

My nationality is British, England, German, Tongan, Samoan, Welsh and Scottish. I am proud to support my nationality and also I love to learn about all different nationalities so I can learn all those different languages

My favourite colour is blue,red,purple and green.


On Tuesday we had a drama session with Stacey. Stacey is our best, kind and lovely drama teacher. We have been studying a poem with Stacey and this is the result of my groups attempt at re-creating 'Mask' by Sheil Silverstein.

We learned about the Mask we got into groups of five or four and had to write a poem about the mask in our own words.

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During cybersmart Rm 8 and I have been learning about Summer Learning Journey and we did an activity about Lorde.

Friday, 25 October 2019

What makes a good family?

How does it feel to be part of a happy, cheerful, and joyful family?
Being part of a loyal family shows me a lot of manners, respect and obedience. My dad and mum are the ones who have raised me and they are very kind, joyful, peaceful and generous to me and my brothers and sisters. 

I feel really good being part of a big family, I like to play around with my brothers and sisters or watch with them. Sometimes, my second sister says that her life is hard. She asked me to give her advice. I gave her some advice on how to be happy, joyful and respectful.

My family are a great family to live with and I feel happy that I am part of the family. I work hard in my family to clean and babysit and to become a sensible and kind person.

A real family is when they look after you, love you, feed you, etc. I am happy that I am part of a loving family that can make my life happy. Families can be hard to fix because sometimes they can argue and get separated from each other. When my brothers and sisters start their own new family I will be very sad.

I want to have a peaceful family that can help me solve my problem every time if I have something wrong that needs to be fixed.